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Data Driven Marketing: Using Big Data in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Organisations large and small are leveraging data sources to enhance their digital marketing campaigns and drive engagement at an individual level. How can this data be used in your business, and from where does it come?

Facebook like facebook marketing campaign

7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes that Will Cost You Money

Facebook marketing is not a new concept, and every business owner with the slightest interest in marketing knows the value...

Project managers problem solving

Project Management Certifications: Do they really add value to your business?

An effective project manager is highly organised, flexible and able to communicate with all levels of business from C-Suite executives to site construction workers, often across the globe. Statistics show that a PMP or PRINCE2 certification can lead to an approx. 20% increase in salary for job-seekers, but does this extra cost really add value for the employer?

Freelance resume

How to Write a Resume for Freelancers

A freelance resume should differ from a job-seeker resume as your client is not interested in how you have developed throughout your career, only how your experience can help them with their business needs. These tips will help you to create your freelance resume and show clients just how good you can be!

Team of remote project managers

How to Build Engagement with a Remote Team

Remote offices save on real estate costs, allow employee flexibility and have low environmental impact, yet at the same time present a unique set of management challenges when it comes to team engagement.

Remote project management apps

7 Simple Tips for Managing Successful Remote Projects

Project management is stressful enough, but managing remote projects adds an extra layer of complexity in juggling timezones and people...